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Extensibility Optional wireless devices can be added to provide control over other functions including wireless smoke sensor, wireless gas leak sensor, Pet-immune(Pet friendly) PIR, wireless signal repeater, emergency key to meet your need of beefing up your Home security alarm system. Advantage: - 128*64 lattice LCD screen with clock display - Elegant and advanced touch keypad for easy operation - Send SMS Message/Auto dial the preset number When External Power is Cut or Resumed - Supports Partial Arm, Schedule Arm/Disarm, Entry Delay and Exit Delay - Built-in Antenna for All Sensors and Control Host Function: - Elegant and advanced touch keypad for easy operation - 128 x 64 lattice LCD screen with clock display - 4 wired and 10 wireless defense zones; each wireless zone supports maximum 10 sensors (total 100 wireless sensors) - Support maximum 8 remote controllers - Built-in high-volume speaker, and artificial intelligent digital voice announcer - Built-in artificial intelligent English message - 10-second automatic voice message recording - Can preset 6 phone numbers: when alrming, system will make audio call to these numbers automatically - Can preset 3 SMS numbers: when alarming, system will send SMS - Timely arm and disarm - Can be used as a wireless telephone by using keypad to make calls - One-key-control: out arm, home arm, arm by remote controller or phone call - SOS, fire, gas door, hall, window, balcony, and boundary places alarm - Real-time, delay, 24 hours, bypass defense zones programming function - Wireless learning code: easy to add additional wirelss accessories - Remote control the device to arm, disarm, monitor, and intercom by phone - Recod checking: the device can store 30 alarm records - Different arm status: out arm, home arm, delay arm and timely arm - Arm by different ways: panel keypad, remote controller, remote call - Alarm call has the priority: even when the number of the device is busy - Built-in LI battery: automatically recharge. - Four Bands GSM module (850/900/1800/1900MHz), Can be used all over the world Specification: Home Alarm System Main Pancel(Including Built-in Back-up Battery) - Wireless Frequency: 433(MHz) -120 wireless defense zones and 4 wired zones - Standby Current: less than 55mA - Alarm Current:less than 450mA - Control Range:250-500 Ft(in open area) - Voice Instruction and 10 Seconds Voice Record - Store 9 group voice alarm phone number for alart calling. - Working Temperature: -15C~55C(5F~130F); Humidity:no more than 90% - Input:AC100-240V - Output:DC12V-1A - Buile in NI-HIrechargeable battery is available to provide power supply nearly 5 hours automatically after power off. Practical Application Anti-thief Function - With this door sensor, the alarm will be triggered when a window or a door is opened. An automated SMS text message will be sent to your cell phone if your door is opened when you are not.home Prevent Gas Leakage - When gas leakage happening, the gas sensor will sound at the spot, and also active the alarm panel to call & Send SMS to you. Fireproofing - If you install an alarm panel and smoke sensor in house, when catching fire, it will alert you by SMS & Calling. Package included: - 1 x Keypad/Control Unit - 16 x Door/Window Sensor - 4 x Motion Detector - 4 x Remote Control - 1 x Wired Siren - 1x wireless smoke detector - 1 x Power Adapter - 1 x English Manual

GSM self monitoring Alarm system No Monthly Fees with 16 window or door sensors 4 Motion Alarm Zones (Motion activated) will call your cell phone if alarm sounds up to 6 numbers 2 way audio intercom allows you to talk and hear your intruders Smoke alarm with gas sensor calls your phone immediately 4 remote controls keypads (key chain size) S.O.S panic button for will call your cell phone (up to 6 numbers) Built in back up battery (self charging) Installation only $149 Call Michael [hidden information] Description: All For Home(Office) Security The alarm panel will send SMS and auto dial to the preset phone number when any sensor(door sensor, PIR sensor...) is triggered, once dialed, the recipient can then listen in and even broadcast their voice over the control unit to scare away the intruder, and the siren will sound on the spot at the same time. All of these things will make it very hard for anyone to get into your home or business and help you keep enjoy all the comforts of your family. Preset 10 Seconds Voice Recording You can set the preset number to police station, and also record some voice(less than 10 seconds) into the system, then when alarm panel call the police station number, policeman will hear your voice which you have stored into the system. Two-Way SOS talking This alarm system with the advanced technology of Two-Way SOS talking. It is the combination of powerful home security alarm system and SOS Emergency Call function. Press SOS key, the alarm panel will auto dial the preset SOS number(you can set the SOS number of family member/local hospital). When call gets through, speaker is default on, then user can talk with his family/ Hospital staff directly. It gives seniors and their caregivers the freedom of independence as well as peace of mind. It is ideal for homes with baby or elderly inhabitants, as the remote for the alarm comes with a panic button that may also be used as a caretaker emergency notification system.

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