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Combine 4 wireless and 4 cabled cameras

4 Camera NVR system
​    only $349

Our Free Mobile app Works with Cell Phone tablet or PC

and You can Record direct

from Your Phone

$9.99 Shipping

on most orders

Easy Installation Video here:

​Zmodo Greet Doorbell video

Answer the door from anywhere see and speak to visitors from your smartphone.
On demand access - access live video at any time from your Smartphone or the web.

All new HD - wide angle lens gives you a clear view of your entire space.
Smart motion detection - receive an alert and a recorded video clip whenever motion is detected.

Free - Zmodo Cloud service  Call 405-777-0040

The New Zmodo WiFi Doorbell Camera

Chose cameras
Michael's security Shawnee Oklahoma
image of wireless wify camera michaels

view from 1 to16 cams

 from home or away

Mix and MatchWiFi cameras  with cabled easier on your internet

With our systems you can combine wireless cameras with cabled cameras (sPoE)

All your cameras will record 24/7 to your phone or NVR  with live real-time video

1 terabyte Hard drive included records 24/7 (No internet required)

Access cameras anywhere anytime (internet requires for live viewing)

With unconditional 3 year warranty and  direct lifetime phone support

call Zmodo direct 217-903-5037 or call us 405-777-0040

Here is a great complete combo system I've put together:
Includes 8 total cameras hi def super night vision waterproof cameras
4 cabled cameras (sPoE) USB to rj45 cables included (two 100 ft and two 50 ft)
4 wifi cameras standard U.S. plug required (110 volt) must be semi-waterproof plug in
NVR Recorder with 1 terabyte hard drive pre installed you can view videos for 30 to 40 days !
This complete combo system is $519.00

and no tax Shipping is $12.99 
 Pay by 
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On Sale Now $99

4 camera system with DVR Hard Drive and free mobile app

installation available 

Dependable Durable and Always On 

​No need for a security guard to protect your home office or business..Zmodo digital NVR's (network video recorder) Records 24 hours a day 7 days a week and broadcast live video in real time to your phone lap top pc or smart tv and the phone alerts tells you when motion is detected on any of your cameras with a 3 year warranty lifetime tech support and No Monthly Fees Zmodo is quickly striving to the top in the security camera industry

Our 8 Camera System will Keep Your entire home or business covered Installation available

Requires 4 MBPS Upload speed

​check your internet speed HERE

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    Free mobile app
view from anywhere

Cat 5 cable to mini usb

 8 camera NVR system
​   only $499

All systems come with a  full 3 year factory warranty

Cat 5 cable to mini usb

View one or 16 cameras at a time from your TV Tablet PC

or Phone your DVR records 24/7 with Free Hard Drive

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