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The free Zmodo app allows you to view your cameras from anywhere in the world View from your phone tablet pc 

With the 24/7 recording you view all cameras in real time.

Have a smart TV ? Zmodo loves that connect wirelessly  any where in your home or business

Specifications below

System comes with 8 channel NVR (network video recorder)

holds up to 8 POE IP cameras or 8 wireless and a 1 TB hard drive all the power cables you will need and a full 3 year warranty.With lifetime tech support Zmodo is leading the way for dependable reliable and always on Security Camera Systems.


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The 1 TB hard dtive in this 8 channel NVR Capture clear, true to life 1080p HD recordings in real-time on all channels, bringing a heightened level of detail and clarity to your surveillance needs. 1080p can run wireless or POE.IP cameras or a combination of wireless or cabled included power supply all New

$159.99 plus $9.99 shipping a total price of $169.98

3 year warranty Lifetime tech support

No Monthly fees No contracts Call 405-777-0040

image of wireless wify camera michaels security.com

1 TB Western Digital hard drive for 8 camera system and 500 GB hard drive for 4 camera system

2 or 4 outdoor cameras

8 channel (8 POE IP cams or up to 8 wireless combined

image of wireless wify camera michaels security.com

Specification for cameras and NVR

 Outdoor water proof wireless wify cameras 

NVR not needed to view on phone or internet

starting at 2 for $69.95 plus 9.99 shipping

wireless wify hi def 720p cameras NVR will take up to 1080p cameras

Just Plug and play !

 Indoor wireless wify camera with 2 way audio

NVR not needed to view on phone or internet

Starting at 2 for 69.99 plus 9.99 shipping


Specifications below

add extra get 15% to 25% off

8 channels or 8 wireless cameras for full time recording

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At Michaels secutity we sale Whole sale Camera security systems with No Monthly Fees. In todays world there is a growing need and demand for camera security systems.They have been found to be beneficial in detouring and stopping crimes of theft, vandalism and more.

  You deserve peace of mind in knowing that your home, shop,,patio garage ,yard and valuables are protected 24/7.There are no monthly fees because all cameras have built in motion activation to alert you of any movement around your cameras. If an intruder was to enter any areas you have monitored you will be notified immediately via cell phone /email

  You have full control at your finger tips of all the cameras on your systems. 

  They can be viewed from your T.V. monitor  

cell phone.tablet or any P.C.. With 128 bit encrypted security you will feel at ease knowing no one can view or tamper with your system but you.All cameras are high definition night vision for the clearest possible imagery. 

  Our 4 camera complete security systems are only $269 with a $99 installation special. Or you can choose an 8 camera system for $389 with a $199 installation fee. Or you can choose to install your system yourself. So for all your security system needs just visit MichaelsSecurity.com

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Michael's Security.com

 security cameras and accessories 

All systems come with a  full 3 year factory warranty

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